When thinking of a “life changing” trip across the globe several impressions emerge. Maybe Greece, Egypt or even India, or perhaps it’s all about tourism, humanitarian work, spiritual therapy or just basking in the sun relaxing. There are many destinations that might come to mind, but one place in particular can fill the bill for everything mentioned above. Ancient history, natural wonders, spirituality and beach resorts, Vietnam is a port of call for a vacation of a lifetime. And with the American historical connection to this land and its people, it becomes a meaningful excursion that can encompass a barrage of restorative restitution for participants, as well as, for national honor.
CORE Vietnam of Murrells Inlet, SC leads trips to Vietnam annually to share the mysteries of this misconstrued land. The next journey overseas:
May 16 through June 1, 2014.
 “Vietnam? Isn’t that a war?” This is the average response on the street, but in reality the war has been over for 40 years and Americans have been vacationing there for 20 years. Even veterans go to experience a place they never knew existed during the war. CORE director and trip facilitator John Fisher, also a Vietnam War veteran, has returned many times and his organization is dedicated to share the beauty of Vietnamese culture and geography with American communities.
The Vietnamese are very friendly living within a moral code of love and forgiveness. Everyone is family in Vietnam, even the foreign visitors, even the former enemies. The third-world country does struggle, however, and part of the travel experience with CORE is participating in humanitarian work, particularly with healthcare. The itinerary also includes an opportunity for veterans to heal and for everyone to experience a “life changing” vacation.
Please inquire with email: or fill out an application under the trips link. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to further communication.

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