The Healing of a Nation

Speaking engagements by CORE Viet Nam are arranged for various organizations, schools, churches and general public around the country. The events are tailored to the audience and will share valuable information for cultural awareness necessary for peaceful community reconciliation. Many of the venues have been stimulated for more experiential work on this subject and CORE will continue working with additional workshops and/or helping to plan travel to Viet Nam.

As of 2014, the United States has been an Independent Nation for 238 years. Rather young in comparison to many other countries around the world, yet it has the worst history of war. Out of those 238 years, only 21 have been without experiencing the blood shed from conflict. Although most citizens would argue for a peaceful nation, no one seems to know how to go about it.

The consequence of these actions has created millions of combat veterans. And very few of these veterans have had the opportunity to heal from the wounds of war. Dr. John Wesley Fisher is a Vietnam combat veteran that has been researching and practicing natural methods for post-war reconciliation, many of which are from long-lost ancient traditions, some still being practiced today.

Through CORE Viet Nam presentations and programs, issues dealing with post-war homecoming address the needs for re-integration into society after war. The issues strangely involve the entire society. The affects on individual communities are astounding. It boils down to a cultural awareness that allows for healing, but perhaps also for a national armistice.

Much of John’s unique approach to healing the wounds of war was developed by re-visiting Viet Nam. Not only have the Vietnamese welcomed him back to his former warzone, but they have honored him as well, although he once fought against many of them. And these former rivals do not seem to experience the post-war traumas that their American counterparts do. Time and again he has returned to learn more of and even feel the cultural tendencies.

More information about this work is available on this website, but also at Most communities visited offer travel expenses and are often shared by several venues. All honorariums are donated back to CORE for humanitarian and veteran tuition reductions for travel to Viet Nam.


Dr John Wesley Fisher

PO Box 11

Jefferson, ME 04348


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