CORE Viet Nam gives American veterans and civilians opportunities to learn from a war-torn culture the ways of reconciliation, healing and peace.

About CORE Viet Nam 

CORE Viet Nam (Community-Reconciliation-Vietnam) provides programs and presentations with the methodologies necessary for a healthy post-war culture. Speaking engagements are made with various communities, churches, schools and organizations and tailored to specific areas of interest. Many people become interested in learning more about successful community reconciliation, which happens in Viet Nam. To address this concern, CORE offers an opportunity for veterans and civilians to travel together to experience healing and peace within an embracing Vietnamese culture.

John Wesley Fisher, Director

Dr. John Wesley Fisher is a Vietnam combat veteran that has been researching and practicing natural methods for post-war reconciliation, many of which are from long-lost ancient traditions, some still being practiced today.

Much of John’s unique approach to healing the wounds of war was developed by re-visiting Viet Nam. Not only have the Vietnamese welcomed him back to his former war zone, but they have honored him as well, although he once fought against many of them. These former rivals do not experience the post-war ramifications that their American counterparts do. Time and again he has returned to learn and even feel the cultural energy so favorable for community reconciliation.

He has led many groups to Viet Nam and has many friends there. His trips include healing ceremonies at places of importance to veterans, humanitarian projects, tourism and relaxation. Dr. Fisher’s passion for Viet Nam makes him a personable and knowledgable facilitator.

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