Humanitarian Work

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Humanitarian Work

Humanitarian work is an integral component for the reconciliation process. This is not only for veterans, but also for civilians, as well as for national mending. CORE has many working relationships with organizations needing help. New projects are discovered with every trip. Absolutely 100% of all donation gifts made to CORE go to the humanitarian projects listed below. No salaries or stipends are rendered as CORE is an all volunteer organization. Anyone desiring to give to a particular project need only designate the project name in the memo portion of their check. Thank you.

Humanitarian projects include:

  • Happy Veteran Project: the healing experience for veterans in Viet Nam is not limited to just those who served there. Veterans from all wars are enrolling. This project allows the humanitarian work to begin at home, by offering vets who need financial assistance a chance to participate (please refer to the Happy Veteran Project blog can be accessed in archive menu to your left-March 2014, or on HOME page.)
  • Children’s Surgery Project: disabilities from Agent Orange exposure is significant in Viet Nam. Now Vietnamese surgeons are making surgical procedures available to allow debilitated children  a chance to become independent by repairing tendon and muscular impairments. It’s a great cause and approximately $1500 per surgery. (Please read blog written by Paula Griffin on 1/26/14). Blogs can be accessed in archive menu to your left (January 2014,) or on the HOME page.
  • Rehabilitation Center: CORE Viet Nam is now sponsoring a rehabilitation center for those disabled by Agent Orange in Central Viet Nam. Children and parents participate, making frequent visits to learn ways to manage genetic defects left over from the war.
  • Other Projects:  Providing needed equipment to schools (computers, water purification, etc.);   Giving carving tools and sewing machines to vocational schools for the handicapped; Helping orphanages and elderly homes with washing machines;  Giving a water buffalo or cow to a poor farmer;  School scholarships for underprivileged students;  Wheelchairs for disabled schools.

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CORE is a 501c(3) non-profit and all donations are tax deductible. Thank you for caring. Absolutely 100% of all donation gifts made to CORE go to the humanitarian projects listed above. No salaries or stipends are rendered as CORE is an all volunteer organization.

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