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The next trip to Viet Nam will embark in the fall of 2018 (Sept 8-28). Dr. John Wesley Fisher will facilitate the journey.

CORE (Community Reconciliation) Viet Nam is dedicated to share the beauty of Vietnamese culture with American communities. The trips offer opportunities for civilians and veterans to travel together to Viet Nam for resolution, reconciliation, healing, humanitarian work, tourism, spiritual growth and relaxation. Yes, all of that and seemingly so much more as the participants often remark, “this was a life changing experience.”

Viet Nam is considered a Buddhist country. There are other disciplines too, like Catholicism, Cao Dai, ethnic tribal ideologies and others, or practicing nothing at all. One thing everyone has in common, however, is that they all seem to live within a moral code. Many of the natives have no idea where it came from, yet they practice it as if scripture continues to dictate behavior. Nearly 3000 years ago the Confucius philosophy illuminated several of the Southeast Asian countries, especially Vietnam.

Traveling together to Viet Nam will allow …

• veterans the opportunity to return to where they served for healing and reconciliation.
• civilians the chance to support veterans in a way they may never have experienced, as well as to heal their own wounds
• the group to participate in humanitarian projects that may include food distribution, school scholarships, surgery donations for Agent Orange victims, other gifts and healthcare clinics
• all to enjoy the beauty and spirituality of a spectacular country.

Tuition for the 2018 journey will be $2750, which covers all domestic transportation in Viet Nam (airline and tourist bus), hotels, most food, tourist attractions, guides and translators and most tips. An additional week has been added to this trip traveling to Sapa.

Tuition reduction is available for veterans on request and offered on the basis of need with the funds available from the CORE Happy Veteran Project.

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