Children’s surgery project in Vietnam

Story submitted and authored by Paula Griffin

CORE’s Children’s Surgery Project in Viet Nam partners with the Association for the Handicapped and Orphans of Ho Chi Minh City to provide reconstructive surgeries for children born with physical abnormalities caused by Agent Orange. CORE raises the funds, while AHO identifies children in need, makes and oversees all arrangements necessary for surgeries to occur.

The cost per surgery is approximately $1500 and includes all medical procedures, pre and post op exams, medicine, physical rehabilitation, and immediate family support during the process. The surgeries repair feet, hands, ears, eyes and improve breathing in children ages 2-21. Some funds are also used for prosthetic needs for those who are beyond surgery.

CORE has no overhead … 100% of your gift will go directly to the child’s surgery and the support needs of a family member during surgery and rehab.

Children receiving surgery are from very poor families and reside mostly in remote areas around Ho Chi Minh City and elsewhere. Some must travel hours by bus to receive the surgeries. Costs to house and feed a family member, allowing them to remain near the child throughout the process are included in the price per surgery. The goal of the surgery project is to help each child become as independent and self reliant as possible so that they can grow up to lead productive and independent lives.

Toxic components of Agent Orange live in, and are passed through human DNA, often skipping generations. Children born with birth defects today are 3rd generation, or later, descendants of those directly affected by the US Military’s spraying of an estimated 18 million gallons of chemicals over Viet Nam between 1961-1971. More than forty years after the war has ended, over 3,000,000 Vietnamese still struggle from the effects.


Please make checks payable to CORE and mail to:


c/o John Fisher

PO Box 11

Jefferson, ME 04348

*Denote “Children’s Surgery” in memo on check. CORE Viet Nam is a 501c(3), not-for-profit organization and accepts tax deductible donations.  You will receive notice recognizing your tax deductible gift by mail.

For more information on the Children’s Surgery Project, contact Paula Griffin at

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